Seasonal Boat Storage

Seasonal Boat Storage at the High & Dry Marina features year-round storage packages along with long term boat storage options for winter and summer.

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Annual Storage

Receive priority treatment from our staff and hassle-free on-site storage with Homewood High & Dry Marina’s Annual Boat Storage package. Annual Storage contracts run from May 1 to April 30. During the summer season, you can choose where your boat will be stored, either a buoy or on our dry racks. During the winter season, from October 1 to April 30, your boat will be stored dry, in one of our covered indoor storage facilities.


Winter Storage

Have your own storage option for the summer? Let our team take care of everything and store your boat with us for the winter season. From October 1 to May 31 your boat will be stored dry in one of our covered indoor storage facilities and we can also arrange for pick up of your boat in fall and delivery in spring.


Seasonal Storage Customer Discounts

We’re happy to offer our long-term seasonal and annual storage guests year-round benefits in addition to safe and reliable storage. If you are eligible, you can pick up your discount card at our office during regular operating hours.

All Winter, Summer*, and Annual storage customers are eligible to receive the following great discounts:

10% Off Homewood Mountain Resort Retail
10% Off Homewood Mountain Resort Rentals
10% Off Homewood Mountain Resort Food & Beverage
10% Off Tahoe Fusion Food Truck (excludes alcohol)
10% Off West Shore Cafe Dining (excludes alcohol)

*Daily, monthly and weekly customers are not eligible. for these discounts.
You must have this card in hand to receive these discounts at any of these locations. 

Summer only

Dry Rack Storage: Boats in dry rack storage are accessible on a daily basis during our business hours at no additional charge. When you’re ready to get out on the lake one of our friendly staff will retrieve your boat via marine forklift and gently launch it on the lake.

Buoy Storage: The Marina’s boat valet service is available during business hours to guests who have boats stored on buoys. Complimentary rowboats are provided after hours for convenient access whenever you need it. Owners are responsible for the connection from the boat to the buoy and the Marina has mooring lines in stock and available for purchase on-site.

FAQ: Be sure to visit our FAQ page for some of our frequently asked questions regarding storage, service and more.

Storage Terms & Conditions: For all storage license agreements we will require signed terms and conditions form. See below for full details. Annual and winter storage terms and conditions. Weekly, Monthly and Daily storage terms and conditions.

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