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OPENSUMMIT August 12, 2021

August 12, 2021

High pressure is sitting over the West bringing us another summer heatwave this week. High temperatures at lake level will be in the mid to upper 80s through the weekend, and only a few degrees cooler out on the lake.

The biggest problem for us the last few days and likely into the weekend has been the air quality. Most of the fires have been burning to our north in northern CA. The light and variable winds have allowed the smoke to drift south into the Tahoe Basin. The wind forecast through Saturday morning doesn’t look to provide much help. Any afternoon southwest Zephry winds are likely to be brief.

Saturday afternoon we could see the southwest winds finally increase and sustain through the afternoon, and then possibly most of the day Sunday with some stronger gusts by afternoon. That could help to finally start pushing the smoke out of the area. It will also bring some choppier water out on the lake during the afternoons.

The winds Sunday will be in response to a trough moving into the Pacific NW into early next week. That could bring some relief to the heat with a cooldown expected for early next week. High temperatures closer to average for August, around 80 degrees at lake level. The gusty afternoon winds could continue early next week. Expecting the dry pattern to continue…