Fuel & Launch

At Homewood High & Dry Marina we make launching your boat as easy as possible. Our gantry launch and forklifts can accommodate a wide variety of boat sizes and ensure that your boat is safely lowered into the water.

Please note that we do not have a boat ramp at our location and all boats must complete an inspection before they are launched into Lake Tahoe. Locations and hours of inspection stations can be found here. 


Don’t waste any time getting on the water and grab fuel at our gas dock during summer. We are the only marina on the west shore of Lake Tahoe selling 91 octane premium-grade gasoline.

Gas Dock Hours
May & June: 8am – 4:45pm
July & August: 7am – 5:45 pm
September: 8am – 4:45pm

Launch Reservations with Boat Cloud

In an effort to better serve our valued storage customers, the Homewood High & Dry Marina has implemented the latest reservation technology available to marinas.  The “BoatCloud” system is 100% web-based and touchless, allowing storage customers the ability to manage their boat movements from the convenience of any web-enabled device, including a mobile app for your smartphone.

We will not be accepting boat launch requests on-site. 

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The Homewood High & Dry Marina primarily uses Marina Bull Wiggins Forklifts to transport boats within the Marina including hoisting them into dry storage and launching them in the water. Our forklifts can typically carry boats from 23’ to 33’ in length. We carefully consider several factors including size and dry weight before determining whether our forklift can safely accommodate a boat.

Launch Rates


Summer 2020 Update: Our gantry launch bay is non-operational until further notice. Boats can be launched via forklift during this time. 

Our gantry is essentially a large elevator made for launching watercraft up to 22′ in length. The boat and trailer are backed onto a large platform that is gently lowered into the water. Once the boat is properly positioned it can be launched and the platform brings the trailer back up to dry land for storage. The gantry is a very slow and controlled process making it ideal for launching classic wooden boats and also smaller watercraft such as jet skis.
Launch Rates


Free vehicle parking is available in designated areas at Homewood Mountain Resort, located directly across the street from Homewood High & Dry Marina. Two up-front loading/unloading parking spaces are available for 15-minute short term parking. We offer complimentary use of our wheeled carts for moving items from your vehicle to your boat. Boat trailer parking is available for an additional fee.